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The Destination Station(℠)

Your Retirement Ticket® at Eley-Graham-Austgen Financial Advisory Services begins with you: How do you envision your retirement? The Destination Station() helps you focus on your goals and objectives as you look at your income needs for the future.

We look at where you are today, where you want to go, and we help you develop a plan of how to help you get there. We care about you and your vision of retirement. We understand that retirement should be about more than “just paying bills and getting by.” It is about what you want versus what you need. There IS a difference.

Perception and Reality. The Destination Station() serves as a guide to help you have realistic, obtainable goals. Together, we will analyze your current assets so we can determine if you are on the right track. Think of this station as your travel guide before you get on the train.

                   The Destination Station() may include an analysis of:

  • Retirement Income Goals
  • Disability Income Goals
  • Survivorship Income Goals
  • Education Planning for Family Members
  • Short-term Goals such as Buying a Vehicle, House, etc.