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The Education Coupler

We recognize that the costs for education can be significant. There are worthwhile programs that can address this need. The Education Coupler® incorporates other areas of the financial planning process to help you understand education funding options as you develop strategies for your loved-one(s).

We will help you understand the programs available to you as you evaluate these strategies to determine the best options for you.
In addition, there are other compelling planning considerations such as tax saving incentives, having the proper estate documents for the student, and evaluating liability factors in conjunction with student loan financing and pay-off.

Here is where you’ll consider questions such as:

  • Do you want to own and control the assets?
  • Do you want these assets to be available to your children at their age of –majority (age 18 or 21, depending on the state)?
  • Do you want to fund a portion or all of the education?
  • What happens if a scholarship becomes available?

The answer to these questions could help determine the proper track for funding education.

We'll also look at the investment alternatives available and evaluate all the plusses and minuses of each program. The sooner you begin taking advantage of these opportunities, the more beneficial The Education Coupler becomes as you continue your journey.

The Education Coupler may Include funding for:

  • State Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Trade Schools
  • Post-Graduate Schools
  • Out-of-State Institutions
  • Life Insurance
  • Estate Documents